Recast Functions

Coupons and Vouchers

One of Recast’s most powerful features is its ability to enable retailers and manufacturers to specifically manage the delivery of advertisements and coupon promotions onto customer receipts.

The Recast system can do this by installing triggers into the Recast platform and only when the trigger fires will the promotion be delivered to the customer.

Types of triggers which could be used are :

  • Time of day
  • Day of month
  • Amount spent
  • Product purchased
  • Quantity purchased
  • Basically anything that is scanned or is going to appear on the receipt can be used to act as the trigger

The rules which define when the trigger will fire are entered into a web based configuration server and downloaded to stores as and when required. So from a central location you can decide which stores will receive which promotions and when!

The information downloaded includes the images which will be printed onto the receipt and the dates between which the promotion will run.

You can also run lotteries and in-store games to boost your return business. Recast can connect to a prize server, creating a secure mechanism for delivering exciting promotions to your customers.