Shopping Analysis

Recast System offers real time data collection at the Point of Sale.

The Recast Slave unit can be programmed to capture in real time any or all of the scan information and receipt sale information relating to a single product purchase or relating to a complete sales transaction. This can then be forwarded to nominated back-end servers for processing.

The data capture rules for each shop or Point of Sale can be setup on

  • An external server
  • Recast configuration server
  • Downloaded directly to each slave at the Point of Sale.

Do you need some journal information to be captured but not all of it? Recast provides

  • Flexibility when capturing data
  • Ability to select data filters
  • Ability to change data capture rules “on the fly”

Do you need to capture transation data at the POS? Recast can

  • Capture data from virtually any Point of Sale in real time
  • Capture data from different POS systems across your group
  • Consolidate the data from any number of slave into a single nominated database from processing