Virtual Stock

Recast incorporates the ability to electronically issue items of value, what we call “virtual stock”, to the customer at the Point of Sale. These items could be:

  • A pre-paid phone top up card
  • Lottery ticket
  • Gift certificate
  • Music download authorization number
  • Ring tone authorization number
  • Any item that has intrinsic value and will fit this style of delivery mechanism could be delivered.
The stock item is delivered directly onto the receipt leaving no opportunity for lost or stolen stock.

The advantages of virtual stock include no requirement to re-order stock and the elimination of shrinkage. Virtual stock is generally consignment type stock where the store is billed for the stock when it is sold, hence better utilisation of funds.

Recast currently supports Skinny, 2 Degrees, Telecom and Vodafone pre-paid mobile phone top-ups as well as 25 different pre-paid long distance phone cards and gift cards.